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LED Display Using Process

chất lượng tốt Taxi Led Led Hiển thị giảm giá
chất lượng tốt Taxi Led Led Hiển thị giảm giá
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—— Mandi Bellardi

The taxi toppers I got from your company have more brightness than what I bought from other suppliers. The ads contents could be seen under sunshine.

—— Neil Boderman

3G remote cluster controlling is so convenient to operate that it helps us save a lot of workforce. You know, saving workforce means earn more money.

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LED Display Using Process



LED Display Use Instruction of Process


   In order to guarantee our products can be operated smoothly on the reasonable condition and get your approval, we’d like to introduce LED display user of process and notes. Please go over it before you can install and test the LED display.


1. List of Use Hardware Equipment


LED display; Signal cable, Power Supply Cable, System controller Cards(which can be installed in the computer), System Receiving Cards (which can be installed in the LED Screen) ,Computer (including DVI vision output and interface ), Screen and relevant accessories;


2. Use Process


Installation Hardware;

Installation Steps as below:

(1) Put DVI display card insert in AGP slot of board, and then install well its driving program;

(2) Put data launch card insert in PCI slot in blank. (If you use it);

(3) Make use of DVI cable to connect data launch card with vision card together;

(4) Put controller cable connect with (RS - 232) interface. (If Linsn system demands, you can choose it);

(5) Connect network line with receiving card. (If you know how much quantity in detail, you can refer the blueprint);

(6) You can install or test with current if you do not inspect any question;


3. Installation Software


Installation steps as below:

(1) Installation Driving of Vision card.

(2) It can automatically access to installation situation if you put vision card driving program insert in disc drive. Please operate it according to the suggestion. First, install Direct X8.1; then install driving program; at last, install controller panel;


Electrical Display Operation Steps (important):


(1) Open Display: Please first open the computer, and then open the electrical display;


(2) In order to let all kinds of equipment access to the power supply ( make sure input voltage conform to the products requirement) , please open the LED working device (there are district glitter from LED display when the LED device touch the power immediately, it will prove the LED work device can work with charging the power ), open the computer, make sure installation of vision card is correct( if there is some problems there will be no pictures to appear, that is black screen), open controller software so as to install the essential pixel element size and vision district.( this installation will no effect vision of LED display);


(3) Close the display: first close the power supply of LED device, close controller software, at last closes correctly the computer;


4. Find out Problems:


   Inspect whether every connecting cable way is correct or not, including, connecting of strong power parts(the weak power have been finished for testing in production enterprise), connecting of signal is correct or not, mainly inspect whether output and input direction of system receiving cards is correct or not because there is suggestion direction in receiving card. Pay attention to the system connecting is correct or not. (Please looking over the instruction of system connecting);


   See that software of computer is finished installation or not, including vision cards installation. (Please refer to the instruction of vision card) and controller software installation;


5. Remark Items:


(1) Confirm to operate steps of “Manual Instruction”;


(2) In terms of Anti -damp, humidity requirement is LED Screen should be smaller than 92% in proportion to humidity when it is working in the highest temperature;


(3) In terms of suitable temperature, the temperature requirement reach temperature environment with operation working temperature-20 and 80 centigrade, and storage environment temp.–40 and 60 centigrade;


(4) The Power Supply request conforms to the requirement;


   The voltage of power supply of LED Screen can reach 220V±10% and rate is 50HZ±5%. Thus can be safe when it touches the field, and it is reliable when the field cable separate with zero cable. Connecting with the power supply can be far away the electrical equipment of high-power;


   For the other questions arising in the operation process, please go over our relevant instruction, if you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

There may be some conditions which we don’t take fully into consideration for the above instruction, we can make up it with the practice; at the same time we hope you are able to advance more proposals to maintenance and use well the vision display.



LED Display Using Process


LED Display Using Process

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